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European Masters Athletics Championship

Trofeo Matteotti

Enduro Race age 9-99

Cycling from down under…

By Liza / 05/06/2024

to the Manoppello Mountains in Abruzzo Three countries, three continents, one winning spirit.

Paralympic cycling

By Liza / 04/22/2024

National Champions preparing for Paris The most impressive thing I’ve learned at this sports event (or should I say party?) is the fact that it is possible to be at hospital paralysed 6 month before you win the first prize at cycling without having cycled before. Talking about winners and challenges.

Italian Karate Champs

By Liza / 03/29/2024

National Championship Martial Arts

From Opera to Jazz

By Liza / 02/28/2024

The Music Conservatory Revisited Think of an historical building that seems to blend into the neighbourhood without ever being considered except by the people going to study there. And then one day, you access through the massive antique wooden gate which feels like a passage towards another world. In this world inside the classic building… Read More »From Opera to Jazz

An Epic Tradition

By Liza / 01/29/2024

Burning Bamboo Trees for Good Fortune Fara is a town uphill on the Adriatic coastline and although this tradition and the legend that goes with it have been copied throughout the country, this is a unique experience. Italians could be unaware of it but it has been visited by both Australians as Americans. Legend goes… Read More »An Epic Tradition

The red bench

By Liza / 12/23/2023

Villa Chieti and the park benches Go over to YouTube to follow our weekly stories about exceptional though every day places around :

Peace Man

By Liza / 11/29/2023

Inspired by John Lennon and the current world events about humanity

World Chess Championship

By Liza / 11/21/2023

Youth Chess in Montesilvano-Pescara, about 100 nationalities in one room. We had the chance to talk to the Director of Italy and the Secretary General of Fide. But most of all, we met the parents of the chess players and learned a thing or two about this strategic game with is extremely popular among youth.

La rotonda dell’albero

By Liza / 11/11/2023

On this roundabout with no name, everyday we see the tree change and tell its story.

Punta Cavalluccio

By Liza / 11/04/2023

Abruzzo counts about 60 kms of Trabocchi long its coast, we saw one of the most beautiful spots, reachable by bike from Pescara. How can’t we not think of a romance with such a view?