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Our paramount objective is to lift your level of English fast.The Flow Method guarantees a steady improvement from the first lesson onwards.

English in the flow is an extraordinary language academy and a Cambridge Preparation Center. We are dedicated to all language skills such as speaking, listening, reading and writing. We have helped over 1.000 students since 2016.

"We love getting people to chat to each other and, by doing so, opening the doors to other cultures. International communication is a vehicle to bring people together."

Admission: students with a minimum age of 7 and with a minimum A1+ CEFR level of English are welcome. In each training session you are going to receive plenty of valuable tips, free tools and empowering feedback.

The English in the flow method aims at: improving your pronunciation | making you more fluent | improving your level of English fast | training you to speak confidently



My name is Liza and I am a Certified English Teacher & Cambridge tutor.

I coach students to get unstuck in a fairly short amount of time and create the tools to improve the use of English.

With a solid background in English, the world is your oyster.


English in the flow offers intensive and interactive trainings which get you ready with ease and prepare you thoroughly for your:




This course didn't seem hard because we trained the new words and we listened to natives with different accents... we even had fun. I am no longer afraid of any exam. 


Student (10), Cambridge Certification programme

I've decided to move abroad and wanted to be ready for job interviews. I found the course truly effective and the content was nothing like dull books. Most of all I received loads of useful tools to keep improving on my own.


Graphic Designer (32)

Despite my dyslexia I passed triumphantly the B2 Cambridge Exam with the hands-on approach of this learning method. I feel I can conquer the world now : D


Marketing Student (19)

To be fluent in English would have made the difference for me between teaching or training international talents. I am so grateful I finally reached out for help. My job has become my dream job.


Music Teacher and Composer

I speak a bit of German and my French is good. At my age and while the world seemed upside down, I found that studying with Liza was a bit like real travelling. She enables students to move forward at a steady pace from day one. I am not even considering quitting.


Retired Sales Representative, beginner.



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