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Struggling to speak fluently?

Would you like to get more confident speaking English and improve your pronunciation?

Tackle common but difficult to pronounce words

Get more confident at speaking

Improve your accent


What you will learn

You will be more confident when you use spoken English

Our aim is to get you to find your voice in English and communicate with ease.

Make progress

Get the best tips to be more fluent the easy way.

Get clarity about tricky words

Some words are confusing because:

  • they have similarities with your own language.
  • the right syllable should be stressed to make it crystal clear.
  • we need to distinguish the same combined sounds and their different pronunciation.

Train yourself at your own pace

An accent should not be interfering with comprehension, even a native can be incomprehensible to you. We analyse how to get to a universal English with a more neutral pronunciation.

Listen and repeat

An accent which is too strong may interfere and could sound a bit unprofessional. Let's soften the edges.
Sound more professional, loose your accent and practise with me.

We advocate international communication and neutrality

Improve your comprehension skills by getting strong at listening to people all over the world.

What people say about the course

My boss made me some great compliments after my last web conference meeting that I hosted. Not only did I feel more confident, I also had a smoother understanding of foreign colleagues. Just great!


Fabrizio L.
Software engineer

During my fair trades I need to attend, I feel more at ease and got some great feedback from new prospects.
The training definitely helped me to overcome this low self-worth we might have at times as non native speakers. So, I'd recommend it to everyone.

Ximena G.
PR consultant


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The 3-step guide to a better pronunciation for non native English speakers, for free.

Get your download of expert tips
I have trained a lot of students from age 7 to their grandparents. It is not just a matter of how well you understand the language, it's also about getting your message across in a clear way.

Improve your pronunciation, improve your communication.